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Artist, Game designer & programmer

Tasting Menu


Tasting menu is a local multiplayer game, consisting of 10 physics based restaurant themed mini-games.
Tasting Menu is one of the most ambitious projects I have been working on. It was based on an idea that I presented for the class. I was lucky enough to be joined by four talented game designers and programmers. I had a somewhat decisive role but attempted to encourage everyone to join in on the decision making. The game consists of 11 different mini-games that are all to be played by 2-4 players. There has been a focus on simple controls as that would allow more people to play with it. Through the development of this game, we have probably created around 20 minigames, but thrown around half away, due to them just not being good enough.

The tanlented team playtesting

Showing Tasting Menu to the class

Onion Chopping Level

Wine Pouring Level - VERY chaotic

Deep Frying Level

Experiments, don't look!