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Artist, Game designer & programmer

Drawings and Sketches


I also like to draw and finde it quite relaxing to spend time on the details.
In my spare time, I enjoy drawing. For me, it is a very meditative thing to do. I enjoy spending time on the detail. That said, I find it very useful in my work life as well. By being able to sketch out ideas in a visual way, it can sometimes be easier to communicate the ideas that can be found inside my head. I have also drawn quite a bit of notes through my studies, which helped me better understand the material thought, as I would have to imagine the abstract teachings in a new setting.

Attempt at a realistic drawing (of someone else)

Attempt at a realistic drawing (of someone else)

Coal on paper, angry man

Coal on paper, Some girl

Notes from Miguels Class

Notes from Miguels Class 2

Notes from Miguels Class 3

Experiments, don't look!