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McVoice - Web


McVoice is a reversed ordering system where the player has the role of McDonald's employee and has to interact with a voice assistant in order to get the voice assistants order.
***DISCLAIMER: This only works in google chrome.*** This project was created as part of a course called Play-Lab. We had to work with "new technology" and we chose to work with voice technology for our final project. What was interesting about this project was to create some kind of dialogue system that would allow us to create this interactive, slightly random, experience. On top of this, we had to construct an interface that would seem life-like to the user. We also had to create a system that would allow the voice assistant to alter items in the order, such that a milkshake could be ordered with extra butter or onion. All in all, it was an interesting project to work on, and in the end, I fell a bit in love with the systems. I'm lovin' it.

The interface for McVoice

This shows the interaction with the prototype

The manual for the interaction

Experiments, don't look!