Nikolaj Licht .com

Dear Visitor, welcome to Nikolaj Licht's (my) website.
Here you will find my contact information along with a presentation of different projects i have made. Though for some of the projects it will certanly give a much better understanding if you visit the real project, instead of reading my brief thoughts on them.

Circle of Truth

This is a project exploring the possibilities of the MQTT protocol. You can open the website on multiple devices and make a simple chat. Primary language here is Javascript.

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What If?

This is just a fun and stupid project, exploring randomly generated questions. It is slightly NSFW though, as it is based on some of the words from Urban Dictionary. It is developed in both JavaScript and PHP.

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Life of Mr. Harrison

This animation was developd as a school project. In this Project we explored the playfullness nested in crowdsorcing storytelling through video. The animation was vreated in Blender.

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Project X

This is a project made in collaboration with PBPixels. I made the graphics while he programmed the game. The main goal is to make a space for users to personalize. The graphics are modeled, textured and rendered in Blender.

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