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Make News Fun - Web


This is my thesis project. It allows visitors to play around with the headlines from the news. Oh, and it is synchronous between all active users.
This is the project I ended up creating for my thesis. Through this project, I have really pushed my web development much further. The idea behind the project is that users, through a creative (or destructive) interaction with the news, get a news understanding of the news and in turn, in their interaction become part of a critique of the news. Technically it is built with React.js, running Socket.io for the synchronous stuff. I have chosen to run a lightweight database on the server with sqlite3, in order to save important events as well as saving the sentences that the users create. Finally, there is a python script running on the server that scrapes news sites. Functionally the site allows users to move around words in a shared space. The words can be clicked in order to become part of a sentence, which in turn can be saved permanently. All the saved sentences can be found on the 'Published News' site. Here a link to a specific sentence can be shared if that is wanted. For the future development of this, I have thought about hooking it up with the Twitter API and make it post the sentences that users create.

The Playground

Example of saved sentence, with american news

Example of saved sentence, Danish news

Experiments, don't look!