Portfolio of Nikolaj Licht

Artist, Game designer & programmer

Dish Dash


A fun puzzlegame I create together with Oscar at Northplay in copenhagen as part of my internship there. My main task was to create all 3D models. It was a really cool place to work.
In this production, I was tasked with making themes for the levels, in an art style I had not worked with before. This meant that i had to create almost all the 3D objects that would be used within the game. I needed to go through a few iterations before nailing the style. To be honest, I did quite enjoy some of the iterations along the way, but they were not the right fit for the game. I am also very thankful for the advise and supervision from both Christian and Michael.

These are all the final themes that i desgined

Restaurant - Iteration #7

Nautical - Iteration #9

Forest - Iteration #4000

Experiments, don't look!