Portfolio of Nikolaj Licht

Artist, Game designer & programmer

Digital Tangible Auditory Toys


This was my bachelor project, here Sofie and I build two digital auditory and tangible toys, that allowed children to play with sounds.
One toy, "kings Wishes", would generate things that the children should find. Over time, the difficulty would increase, making it harder for the children to find the objects requested. A request would sound like: "Bring me something that is .. red". And if the children succeded it would add another adjective to the request, such that it would become: "Bring me something that is .. red and tall". And so on. The way it verified that the children actually found the thing was by cheating. I had connected the device to my phone via Bluetooth so that I could verify. The other toy, "Beat Box", was more of a sequencer. On the toy, there would be four different positions where four blocks could be positioned. Sequentially the sounds would be played that corresponded with the blocks. Most of the blocks had different sounds associated with them, and this could be changed by rotating the blocks. Both toys were build using raspberry pi's, small amplifiers, speakers and a whole lot of soldering.
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