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Hello there, I am Nikolaj Licht. I have a background in design but really enjoy engaging with different technologies. I like to stretch over many different disciplines as it allows for more interesting designs, ideas and solutions. I like to learn new things and use those learnings to become better at what I am doing, both in my spare time and in my work life. I believe though, that the best way to learn something is to play around with it.

When I'm not making games or weird websites, I like to spend my time on my hobbies. These hobbies include but are not limited to: Drinking beer with friends, possibly while playing board games, cooking a really nice meal, practising the art of cocktail-making, making music with small machines or reading about cooking, cocktail-making or programming.

The games and experiences I want to create are experiences that people enjoy. Experiences that make them laugh or smirk when they interact with them.

We all know you have waited to figure out just how terrible my personality is, so here we go. I am a sweet and attentive person and I care a lot for the people around me. I like to make sure that everyone is on the same page. I like to keep a lighthearted attitude in a work environment, as that makes work much more enjoyable. That said, I can be very critical and I am not afraid to ask questions to get to important answers. I like to be ahead of possible failures, so I often analyze the situation to the best of my knowledge before doing something. I prefer to do things the right way.
I am a very creative type, and often have ideas for games that could be cool to make. If only I had more time haha. I take joy in learning new things and learning them the right way. I like to read very basic- and "down to the roots" texts, to get a better understanding of how the whole machinery works.

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